This Group isnt for everybody

But....... See if the following sounds even remotely familiar

If this has been a part of your story , this 6 minute video will be worth your time 100x over.

If you've been trying and failing, it doesn't make you a failure.... It makes you tenacious.

Here's all you have to do:

Your Welcome, we fixed everything for you.

Or did you already know that?...

You see, the problem is not knowing what to do. In fact everything you could ever possibly want to know about better health is one internet search away and completely free. Knowing what to do is the easy part, knowing how to do it is the where most of us miss the mark. 

The "how" is what this group is all about

Eating better, exercising, drinking water, etc. is all important and necessary but whats missing  is …

So, if you're ready to ditch all the "planning" (aka procrastinating) that comes with "knowing" what to do and take action action required for your goals to become a reality.... join our free FB group today

If you actually have no idea what you need to do and are completely lost to where you need to start, this group is for you too. Join the hundreds of women who have successfully lost 10, 20 and 50+ pounds using the methods teach in this group.

If you dont already know who we are, we are BUSY Body Nutrition

We are a community of coaches, successful clients and success stories in progress who help Busy women lose weight predictably and permanently without fad diets, food restrictions or attempts at starvation. At BUSY Body Nutrition we abandon the guaranteed to fail “Diet Cycle” and instead teach the members in our community how to leverage your body’s built in “Fat loss Cycle” through what we have come to call the B.U.S.Y. Model

You might be asking yourself right now, "Do I really have to abandon the "diet cycle" (whatever that means)? After all I know people who have had stellar results while doing Keto, Vegan, Low carb, Carnivore etc.

Lets take closer look at the diet cycle and you can decide for yourself

Sounds like fun right?

The problem is almost never the diet itself, in fact many diets work pretty well (especially in the short term). The problem is that because we fail to understand how fat loss actually works… they just feed the cycle. Willfully staying in the cycle is because we don’t what to do is equivalent to just going down with the ship because we dont know how to lower the life boat. And jumping into to that latest fad diet because it promises dramatic results overnight is akin to rearranging the deck furniture on the titanic….that ship is still going down

Abandon the Diet cycle as if it was a sinking ship!!!

It’s okay if you dont know what to do next, But lets address a serious question: If we lowered the lifeboat for you, would you get in? You see, we’ve created the closest thing possible to a lifeboat through the BUSY model, and this FB Group is us offering to hold your hand as you step in.

Wondering why we would put so much into a Free FB Group?

To understand why we put so much time & effort into this group and what’s in it for us it’s important to understand 3 things:

Like all new areas of science, discovery occurs at break-neck speed, for better and for worse. There are no formal rules of engagement yet which often means “Hire a Coach Today!…..Results May Vary” 

The age of the internet has saturated the space with so much seemingly contradictory information, who could ever hope to know where to start.

On top of all that you have coaches who don’t know how to serve or inform those they are trying to help by doing anything other than promising the most outlandish result they think you might be naive enough to buy into. 

Unfortunately this has caused a massive hurdle for us to navigate as coaches and its only getting worse with each passing year.

The coaches here at Busy Body Nutrition have their foundation in the world of high performance and BBN itself is the offspring of our transformational high performance coaching firm Gainslinger Human Performance.

At GHP, we work with some of the best professional athletes in action sports as well as your day to day high achievers whose goals are often what some would call “unreasonable.”

We love serving these individuals and what you find out in working with these amazing humans is that every single one of them is just a regular person who at one point was a complete beginner, level 1 white belt.

We always said our mission at GHP is that we are out to debunk the talent myth.

BUT back to the first point, we noticed a very concerning and problematic trend:

the prospects that were coming to us for high performance coaching were so far away from baseline as a result of what the Health & Fitness industry had done to them we had months of work to do before we could even begin the real work.

We knew that if we didn’t focus our attention on the next cohort of “would be” high performers we would have no one left to work with.

This problem was also 10x more prevalent among the women we were trying to serve.

That may be a product of greater attention to detail, generally higher standards, or the natural complexity that comes with being a female in the modern age.

We didn’t know how to correct this nor did we or do we pretend to have the end all solution, but we figured we would start with what we do know for sure.

One thing we know for sure is that every high performer was once a normal person and every normal person has the potential to be a high performer.

In fact the pursuit of high performance in at least 1 area of your life is a massive predictor of success and fulfillment in your life as a whole.

What we discovered by accident is that high performance coaching was not only scale-able–it was also the fastest, most effective, and most permanent way to achieve the outcomes most women desire. 

Especially when it comes to the issue of predictable and permanent weight loss.

Since applying this model to Busy women who want to lose weight, (busy women are high performers–or need to be), we have often wondered why other well-equipped coaches arent doing the same thing.

Truth be told, it may just be unconventional enough that it hasn’t come to mind and by circumstance we just walked into it.

That being said, we fully expect this to be the primary model coaches use into the future to achieve the permanent success their clients desire.

Our bet is that if through this group we can achieve the results that you believed were off the table for you that you will wake up to the reality that even greater things are possible.

And a few of you will become clients who go on to dominate in every area of their life.

So whether you are ready to change the world, or just improve yourself this is the group to start.