Fat Loss Accelerator LIVE

Fall 2023

In case you couldn’t make it, or if you just want to review/share….

We have made the LIVE recordings available right here!

If you’re looking to lose 10, 20 or 30+ lbs Permanently WITHOUT crash dieting and unsustainable workouts…. this might be for you.

DAY 1 Nutrition

  • Maximize your Progress and STOP “Starting Over” By preventing plateaus & making sure your fat loss is predictable via Metabolic Restoration and Priming
  • Remove all  fear of having to quit by ensuring your nutrition plan is perfectly and personally sustainable by implementing our “Flexible Diet Framework”
  • Experience total freedom from ever dieting again without going backward and finally enjoy Vacations, Holidays and Date Night with ZERO GUILT or stress with your “Lifestyle Integration Blueprint”

Day 2 Exercise

  • Unlock your ability to experience Adventure and rediscover your hobbies at the highest level by developing absolute confidence in your physical strength with the training approach that will build the strongest, leanest and most capable version of yourself.
  • Get back the valuable time lost on workouts that didnt produce by learning to exercise efficiently so that you can spend more time being active with your family and friends.
  • Experience the results that often take years in as little as 6-12 months by ensuring stale workouts never cause you to plateau with “Perfect Periodization” so that you can be rewarded for your efforts immediately….. Not “someday”

Day 3 Implementation & Case Study

  • Remove every bit of ambiguity by looking at the real numbers so that if your were to start tomorrow there would not be a single missing step:
    • What to eat, when to eat and how much
    • The exact workouts and exercises with reps, weight and intensity 
  • Remove the overwhelm and mental fatigue of how to stay on track without neglecting your commitments to your family, career and friends by ditching the all or nothing mentality and focusing the 3 Golden Principles of lifelong health.
  • Finally, we are going to face the monster under the bed: “What if I do all of this… and still fail?” We are going to give you the silver bullet that is in the arsenal of every one of our graduates. With a single mental shift, your success becomes more than just possible or probable… it becomes impossible for you to fail. 

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