16 Session Package

16 Session Package


Get serious with the most hands on and effective coaching available 4 days per week. If your an aspiring athlete or want to see noticeable results fast, this it what it takes. No wasted workouts due to lack of motivation or direction, we will put in the work and win the day!


  • 60 minute personal training session
  • Water & Towel
  • Stretching
  • Basic Diet Coaching
  • Daily Log Book

**Price reflects Monthly Cost

*** Check Schedule Availability Before Purchase


Your initial session will include a full body workout, made up of various movement screens in order to assess mobility, and properly address your strength and conditioning level. From there, I will be able to set up a holistic and enjoyable program that will correct any weaknesses, improve your strength/conditioning, and accommodate your personal goal! You will begin each session thereafter with a warm-up, and leave every session one step closer to your dream body—my personal guarantee.


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