30lb Weight Loss Primer Challenge

A “6 Week Challenge” to unlock Permanent & Predictable Weight Loss

Registration Closes 1/19/2023@ 11:59 PST
– Road Map & Detailed Instruction Delivered on 1/21/2023
– Challenge Begins 1/23/2023

Successful Participants will receive a full refund of their deposit (See Rules Below)

THE RULES: (what must occur to be considered a successful participant)

1.) Complete Phase 1 Habits successfully (1 habit per day for the first 14 days)

2.) 90% Nutrition compliance beginning on day 15 (Evaluated by receiving “Gold” on your nutrition dashboard

3.) Complete 4/5 pre programmed weekly workouts every week (This will require gym access)– *if you do not have gym access, contact Coach Cameron via email (cameron@gainslinger.com) prior to registering.

4.) 100% Compliance in completing your weekly Check-Ins

*Weight Loss is not required in order to be considered a “successful challenge participant”, this challenge is designed to give you the tools to make permanent change so that when you enter your “weight loss phase” you are 100% successful and your results will be permanent.


**PLEASE READ: Once Registered you will receive an email to download our app at no cost. You will also receive access to our membership site http://www.gainslinger.com , however this will not be needed for for the challenge

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