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One of the greatest reasons people do not achieve the results they desire (assuming they are already putting in the work) is a lack of coaching. This remains true for both beginners and professionals. This is why even the world’s most elite athletes have coaches, it’s not always a lack of knowledge that’s holding you back. Most often it’s an unbiased 3rd person perspective that makes all of the difference.

None of us here at Gainslinger do our own programming, we do it for each other. This eliminates over analyzing, second guessing and the mental energy drain of making hard decisions.

How would it feel to wake up everyday with a simple checklist—what to eat and how to train—knowing that if you just follow the plan, you WILL reach your goal, ZERO DAYS WASTED?  That’s just one of the benefits of our coaching, you get to DELEGATE all the efforts that go into ensuring you achieve your desired result. All you have to do is show up and check the boxes. 

Our approach to virtual coaching is no different than with our in person 1 on 1 clients. In fact , the majority of our local clients have opted to receive their programming through this platform out of convenience and cost and simply schedule their appointments as a “check in”. We’ve ditched the templates for an approach where we get to know you personally and work together to create a ROADMAP that ensures you win the long game.

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