Athlete Adaptation

"Process is Primary"

-Lanny Bassham

Our Process.....

If winning is a process, and it is, then process must always be our primary focus. Repeating it again and again without fail is the only way to become a winner and keep on winning!

The Right Stuff


Specificity is defined as, “the condition of being peculiar (oddly unique) to a particular individual or group”. 

Each and every sport has a fixed set of rules that are unique to itself, this requires the athlete to adapt, not the sport. By utilizing the principles of specificity we are able to ensure that you are not only improving in the areas your sport demands the most of you, but also in the areas where your weaknesses’ lay. This is why there is no one size fits all approach. Every one of our athletes is instructed according to what their greatest needs are, and a program is developed that addresses those needs while employing techniques that are supported by the most up to date research and evidence. 

The RIght Time


Periodization is defined as the planned manipulation of training variables (load, sets, and repetitions) in order to maximize training adaptations and to prevent the onset of overtraining syndrome.

This is probably the most ignored aspect of training across the board. Even those who do implement its principles often fail to do so on a micro scale and pay little attention to the individual. It’s common for strength coaches to implement an overall template of periodization as far as sports seasons are concerned ie; in-season vs. off season training, however the importance of proper periodization doesn’t end there. In order to produce the greatest outcomes for an individual athlete; careful consideration must be given to their unique strengths, weaknesses and needs. You may be mid-season for competition in your sport, a time when many athletes are seeking to hit their peak, but what if you are recovering from injury, or a major weakness has begun to present itself? This is where the proper application of both specificity and periodization finds its importance. An athlete’s present state must carefully be considered at all times, this is why all of our athletes are regularly evaluated to ensure that their milestone goals are still appropriate and their roadmap will lead them to their ultimate destination.

The Right Amount

Progressive Overload

The principle of progressive overload is, at its core, the gradual increase of stressors placed on the body during training over a given period of time. Simple enough? For beginners, leaving it as simple as that will be sufficient to achieve greater progress than the majority of gym goers and athletes who repeat the same workouts week after week and year after year. However, for the intermediate to advanced athlete it is a little more involved than that. We use the previously described principles of specificity and periodization to engineer the proper type overload, at the proper volume, for the proper duration to achieve the desired result. Over time this looks like a constantly increasing amount of load, but on a micro scale it is anything but linear. We are committed to ensuring all of our athletes make progress over time, but never at the expense of one’s health. If you are in this for the long haul and have the discipline to make real and lasting change, we can help. If you are looking for shortcuts, look elsewhere. 

No Shortcuts

Fitness for the realist. Talk to a coach for an honest evaluation and get started on the right path!