Gainslinger Human Performance

who We Are

Reason For Being

Why We Do it

We like to push the boundaries of human capability in the pursuit of unreasonably large life goals. 

We live and breathe for maximizing potential. We believe every person is born for a reason, and is capable of something incredible. We built this company to unlock the fullest potential in individuals by challenging their perception of what’s truly possible. To take what they “know” and make it what they “do.” We believe nutrients are medicine and physical exertion is essential, and when combined to pursue your vocation will lead to a joy filled life.

How We Do it


Athlete Adaptation


No generic approaches here! Every program is designed to target the demands of your unique sport and integrate every factor from skill development to stress management.


No one understands the importance of focused and prioritized training blocks better than us. Our methods ensure that you stay healthy and avoid injury year round!


You don't get what you want, you get what you work for. We can make sure that your hard work is profitable by applying the precise amount of overload to provide the greatest growth.

Immediate Action

Why it works


Working with us means you engage with us. We hold every athlete to exactly the standard they request, but we don't pass judgment. Instead we keep it honest and redirect our efforts in any way necessary to put your objective as priority #1

Performance Analysis

Every Gainslinger Athlete keeps a regular performance journal not only to keep a record of the actions that are most effective but to build the self image required to win

Knowledge vs. Action

This is the single greatest component. There is a vast chasm between knowing a thing and taking action on that thing. Every gainslinger Athlete is equipped with not only what to do, but how to do it. and most importantly, a clear vision of what is required next

Step Into Your Potential